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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a safe and effective form of treatment that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic care and physical medicine is used most often to treat complaints such as back pain, neck pain, extremity pain, headaches, and sciatica. Doctors of chiropractic, often referred to as chiropractors, practice a drug-free, hands-on approach to health care that includes a thorough patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment. A care plan might include education, stretching, exercise recommendations, daily activity modification, spinal manipulation, and physical therapy. The goal is always to eliminate pain, return to full function, and the development of self care programs so patients can care for themselves.

Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

Chiropractic treatments carry an extremely low risk of complication.  The most common complication is muscle soreness and/or tension following a patient’s initial adjustment.  This usually goes away after approximately 24 hours.
The risk of serious or life threatening complications is rare.  The latest estimate for serious complications following neck manipulations is approximately 1 in 5.85 million.  It is important that you discuss any possible concerns you have with your treating chiropractor before receiving treatment.

Does my insurance company cover chiropractic?

Yes, most health insurance carriers reimburse chiropractic services in a similar manner as any other specialty care provider.  We highly recommend you call your health insurance carrier to confirm your chiropractic benefits.  Our office will contact your insurance carrier on your first visit to verify your coverage.

Is it true that once I receive chiropractic treatment I have to come back forever?

No.  Most patients receive care for a set period of time outlined in their individual treatment plan and described by their treating chiropractor.  Some patients however elect to continue chiropractic care after they are well because it helps them feel better.  Chiropractic treatment has become an integral part of many people’s “health management” plans.  This is similar to eating the correct diet, exercising, and proper sleep habits.

Should I tell my Medical Doctor that I am receiving chiropractic care?

We encourage our patients to inform their medical care providers that they are receiving chiropractic treatment.  In fact, our practice is built by working closely with contemporary minded, patient-centered medical practitioners in the local community. Collaboration and communication between a patient’s medical providers is essential in order to better serve the patient’s individual needs.
As a courtesy to our patients and their caregivers, we gladly forward a copy of each patient’s initial evaluation to their primary care physician.  Many of our patients have asked us to contact their primary care providers to introduce ourselves, or to provide information about our practice.

What is the noise or “popping” that occurs during the adjustment/manipulation?

Chiropractic adjustments often elicit an audible “pop” or “crack” sound.  Chiropractors refer to this noise as “joint cavitation” or the “audible release” of the joint.  Spinal joints contain synovial fluid which lubricates the inside of your joints.  Synovial fluid contains dissolved gasses, mostly carbon dioxide.  When your spine is adjusted a vacuum is created and the gasses come out of the synovial fluid forming a gas bubble.  This vacuum is what causes the “pop” you might hear during the adjustment.  Although this sound is very common it is not essential in determining treatment success.

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